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Why I should be using a developmental approach:

Author: Sari Levin MsED, Advanced DIRFloortime Certification
Why I should be using a developmental approach:

When we look at a newborn, we see a tiny person who has much developing to do. As this newborn grows, their development builds as they reach their milestones. Now, what would happen if the baby missed a milestone? This child would be missing a critical foundational skill needed to support the continuation of more complex development. A developmental approach is the most wholesome way to ensure we can go back and develop what may have been missed. Only with a strong foundation can future growth be securely built and expanded.

DIR/Floortime works to develop functional social-emotional capacities so that your child can have meaningful and connected relationships. At the same time, they are being empowered to join in whatever challenges and celebrations come their way. This bottom-up approach supports the foundational skills needed to allow for ongoing development. It then allows the child to generalize skills to continuously think in new and ever more complex ways. A developmental approach meets a child where they are developmentally. As a result, it is a joyful, respectful, compassionate, and gentle way of helping your child achieve all of the goals you hold for them.

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