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The Kinder Growth Way

1. The assessment process

  • To begin, you will be assigned an Advanced Floortime Therapist (AFT). Your AFT will then meet with you and your child for an enjoyable, play-based DIRFloortime assessment.
  • Based on the assessment, your AFT will craft a customized developmental growth plan to address all the important areas for development.
  • Subsequently, your AFT will assign a trained Floortime Player whom we deem a good fit for your child. Your Floortime Player will carry out your child’s developmental growth plan in collaboration with your AFT.

2. Floortime Begins

  • Your Floortime therapist will coordinate with you to set up your daily session.
  • As part of the Floortime model, Parents and Siblings are encouraged to join your Floortime Player in the therapy sessions.
  • This family-centered model will support the entire family in strengthening your child’s development and building stronger interactions with your child.

3. We’re In This Together

  • In addition to the daily therapies, we will set up a weekly meeting between the parents and our AFT to discuss progress and other considerations. This is a great opportunity to get all your questions answered, and improve your understanding of your child and their development.
  • We will have periodic team meetings with your Player and AFT. This will ensure there are quality sessions being applied and meaningful progress being achieved.

4. Every Step Of The Way

  • A parent’s involvement is vital to the success of their child’s development. Parents will have access to their own portals so that they can track their child’s progress.
  • Periodic reassessments with the AFTs will be integrated to ensure continuous, high-quality therapy plans.
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