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I first heard about DIRFloortime Therapy from autistic adults who had traumatic experiences with ABA and instead suggested DIR. A quick google search brought me to Kindergrowth, and my experience over the last 6 months has been nothing short of spectacular. Every single person I have come into contact with from Kindergrowth has been kind, professional, warm, and helpful. It is very much a team effort to bring about the best results for you child.... Read more

Kayla B, Child Age 3

My daughter, Taylor is 4 years old and was diagnosed with Autism when she was 3 years old. When we first started with Kinder Growth Taylor was very shy and apprehensive of strangers. I was very nervous because I had done some research about Floortime but didn’t know much. The process of starting with Kinder Growth was easy and stress-free. When we first met her therapist she was warm and friendly, she took her time getting to know her and following her lead.... Read more

Jackie O, Child Age 4

I feel greatly grateful to have come across Kinder Growth. Upon my son’s diagnosis I delved into researching and stumbled upon DIR Floortime. At that point I knew he would tremendously benefit from this type of therapy.... Read more

Jessica A., Child Age 5

I was specifically looking for a therapy for my son that respected who he was as a person while helping him grow as an individual. After much research, I came across DIRfloortime Therapy and was so excited to discover Kindergrowth.... Read more

Amanda W, Child age 5

Kinder Growth has done amazing work for our family. My daughter adored her therapist. She showered her with love, care, and affection. And in return, she responded so well to the therapy. Her progress was unusually quick.... Read more

CG, Child age 3

Starting therapy with Kinder Growth has been the best decision not only for my daughter but for myself as well. Getting to learn and grow with Kinder Growth through our journey with DIRFloortime has opened my eyes to exactly what my daughter needs to continue making strides in so many areas of her development.... Read more

MO, Child age 3

Kinder Growth has helped my son and family immensely! They guide the parents throughout this journey. They’re there for you all the way. Whether it is giving the parents advice,... Read more


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