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Does my child want me:

Author: Stephanie Peters OTR/L, DIRFloortime Expert Training Leader
Does my child want me:

Of course, they do! Sometimes, a child’s individual differences (the “I” in DIR/Floortime) means that their cues and reasons for behaving are harder to understand. When this happens, it is common to feel that your child is uninterested in connecting when it is just the opposite! Your relationship with your child is the most powerful instrument for change and growth and the one your child needs and wants the most.

Some individual differences may result in a child feeling overwhelmed by a busy environment or too uncomfortable with sensory input to stay regulated. Some children might be communicating with an eye glance or brief gesture-a small cue that may be initially missed as an attempt to engage. How your child interprets their world may initially require so much energy that limited resources remain for connection and exploration.

With Kinder Growth, you will have the support from your Floortime team to explore which individual differences are behind disconnection and hijacking regulation and engagement. Understanding your child will allow us to attune our actions and play to a “just right” environment for optimal regulation and engagement. Together, we will gain insight into the unique ways your child communicates and connects. We will learn to respond to small cues that grow into longer chains of togetherness and feelings of mutual understanding. DIR/Floortime is a powerful tool that results in both developmental mobility WHILE strengthening your relationship with your child through meaningful connection.

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